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Riding a wave of demand for custom fabrication for yachts, Fort Lauderdale-based YRM has opened another 5,000-square-foot facility to house its expanding crane and davits division. “We are expanding this year with our own line of davits,” said Stuart Pudsey, YRM’s founder, president and CEO. Located just up the street from its current 10,000-square-foot complex housing its custom carpentry and dockside service and maintenance divisions at 3295 SW 11th Avenue, the new shop will fabricate YRM’s Ocean Series of aluminum davits with lift capacities of 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500 pounds. The facility also will manufacture a Lake Series of davits that can pick up 600 and 800 pound loads and YRM’s patent-pending twin davits for small cruising boats that lift 800 pounds in tandem. YRM designs, builds and tests the davits, which lift tenders on and off boats, and designs and custom-builds the patented chocks on which tenders are stored on deck. The Ocean Series is for yachts 50 to 70 feet and the Lake Series for 30 to 50 foot boats, Pudsey says. YRM already delivered eight davits, and three more are on order for June, said Chris Tomaszewski, YRM’s general manager. The chocks – made of aluminum or stainless steel, or a combination of wood and metal for a more classic look – are custom-designed for the tender and for where it will be stored on the yacht: flybridge, swim platform, aft deck, garage – wherever a client wants it, according to Pudsey. YRM also designs and fabricates stainless steel railings, anchor rollers, radar arches, brackets, rub rails and other stainless and aluminum hardware. Its carpentry division does custom carpentry, cabinetry, teak decks, plexiglass, starboard and headliner work. Its service division performs the full range of yacht maintenance and dockside services. “The fabrication work we do is a mix between refits and new builds,” says Tomaszewski. Yachts are growing in size, so demand for custom fabrication for these larger yachts is growing, as well.  “More and more customers are coming to YRM and asking us to do projects for their boat,” according to Tomaszewski. Pudsey says YRM sells its products direct to owners and captains, through dealers and to customers as far afield as the U.S. West Coast, the Northeast and across the globe. One of its more interesting projects: Work on a new 70-foot sailboat, the bulk of whose household electrical needs is supplied by DC power from lithium batteries. YRM’s new facility is equipped with a U.S.-made Semyx waterjet. The software-directed waterjet sprays a stream of water and fine sand out a nozzle under 58,000 psi of pressure to cut aluminum, stainless steel, steel, plastics, plexiglass, granite, stone, glass and wood. The waterjet slices through 8-inch-thick metal plates and can cut out a set of chocks in a matter of minutes. “This enables us to cut out parts from stainless steel and aluminum more quickly and in a more timely fashion, and speed up production,” Pudsey says. YRM’s “bread and butter” product remains chocks, and with the Semyx waterjet the company can turn them out faster and gain an edge on the competition, he says. “I think the reason we’re expanding is we do quick work. We get it done on time, on budget, and it’s quality work,” Pudsey says. “That’s what we aim for.” YRM employs 28 and is looking for more workers for its fabrication operations. Besides the two facilities on SW 11th Avenue near the Fort Lauderdale airport, YRM maintains a 1,500-square-foot office in West Palm Beach as a base for staff who do contract work on yachts at the marinas and megayacht yards in the Palm Beach area. Pudsey expects eventually to extend the use of its Semyx waterjet to do contract metal, glass, stone and plexiglass work for other companies, including OEMs, adding to its menu of services. “We could do pretty much anything,” he said. YRM 3295 SW 11th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 Office: 954.406.3569 Fax: 954.642.8595 Email: Web: