It was extremely important that I found someone honest and reliable to prepare my boat for my “Great Loop” adventure since I could not get down to my boat for several months as I was thousands of miles away. It was fortune for me that my friend recommended YRM to me. They have done extensive work on my boat. I found their workmanship to be excellent, efficient and in budget. Their rates are extremely competitive and reports are complete to a fault. I would definitely recommend YRM.
Jorge Holland

Stuart and his men are some of the best professionals in the yacht repair and maintenance business I’ve ever met. They are smart, efficient, incredibly knowledgeable and nearly always exceed my expectations for every job they perform. I trust them to work on my boat when I’m not on board. My experience with YRM has been outstanding, there aren’t enough superlatives to describe them and their work!
Tom Toye

I am retired from a company that provided services to Fortune 500 companies all over the world. I have not experienced a more excellent, professional, personable, and top end product delivery than your team. Not only are your high end, custom products a joy to have on our boat, your team was more special. Thank you!

Though I do not often take the time to comment on companies who provide service for our Hatteras MY, or the performance of their employees, I believe YRM deserves that consideration. Chris Tomaszewski who manages the metal division, has performed flawlessly. Most recently, we could not stay in the Lauderdale area for Chris to finish a stainless steel bridge to hardtop ladder he custom built, but once completed, he traveled to the boat’s location in Stuart on a Saturday morning to finish the installation. A real pleasure given the customer service attitude of many companies today that seem to convey a “we are not happy until you are not happy” service philosophy. Chris and YRM will be on top of our list for any future work we may require.
Gary Schumacher

I have been pleased to have had the services of YRM since the first day the company was formed. I have a full time position on an 80 foot Burger and manage a number of other yachts for discerning owners. The knowledge of the marine repair industry by both Stuart and his employees is a great asset to me or anyone who runs or manages boats. They are up to date on the latest technology, but can also track down the most hard to find older yacht necessities as needed. Their dedication to customer satisfaction appears to be the focus of everyone’s effort and I will continue to use them.
Capt. Tom

I have been using YRM for several years. The team has done a great job on both my preventive maintenance schedule, as well as repairing any issues that have cropped up in a timely and fair way. I would highly recommend YRM for any yacht owner with confidence.
Mark Begelman

Hello Stuart, Just a note to express how happy we are with all of the work you have carried out on board M/Y “Sovereign. over the past 2 years we have undertaken a wide variety of projects and i’m delighted to say that, in YRM, we have found a “one-stop-shop” for almost all our needs – from custom interior cabinetry to fabrication and installation of teak decks, along with a wide range and variety of one-off stainless Steel projects.
Capt. Dale Smith

I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how happy I am with all the work you have done for us. We can always depend on you showing up as scheduled and addressing any unforeseen issues. It’s very rare that I feel comfortable handing over clients directly to another company and placing the entire responsibility upon them to get the job done. We have done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
Jarrett Bryzek

I managed to seriously scratch the stainless rail, and the guys at YRM polished it out so you wouldn’t have known the mess I had made. But better still, I extended the stainless rails from the stern to the midship gates on both sides, and these guys did such a great job that you would have thought the rail had been there since the day the boat was built. Everyone comments on what an amazing job they did. I highly recommend YRM!
Capt. David

We’ve been working with YRM’s carpentry team on a variety of luxury, custom table projects this past year. Their professionalism and quality work has been a pleasure to deal with. We look forward to continuing our partnership with YRM for many years to come!
Timon Harris

Doro Designs

YRM was hired by Outer Reef Yachts in February of 2014 to provide the chocks and a lifting harness for the AB DLX13 rib that sits on my 63’s boat deck. They did an excellent job. Two years later, I noticed evidence of rust beneath the plastic covering the cable in several locations and slight fraying at the aft eye of one strand of the cable. I called YRM’s General Manager, Chris Tomaszewski, asking whether I should be concerned. He immediately condemned the cable and offered a new one under their warranty. I received a brand new cable three days later but there was a glitch; one of the two aft cables eyes was located in front of the nut on the master link. Result, the rib tilted to one side when lifted and was very hard to get back properly on the chocks. A second call to Chris expressing my frustration was met with an immediate solution. “No problem, we’ll get another one properly rigged to you over night.” And they did and it was perfect. Kudos to YRM for standing behind their product (after two years) and for their quick resolution of the glitch. I am delighted by the service that I received.
Les Shapiro