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Did you know that boating is one of the top three stress-relieving activities? There is so much fun to have including kayaking and jet skiing. An important aspect of any adventure is the enjoyment of getting there! Putting a tender, kayak, or jet ski onto your yacht should not be burdensome.

Choosing the correct chock on which to stow your tender is one of the most important decisions that you can make after the purchase of your yacht and tender. The wrong chock can damage your tender or fail during adverse sea conditions as well as spoil the overall enjoyment of yachting.

Chocks for your tender, kayak, and jet ski should meet your needs and the luxurious standards for your yacht. It is also important to ensure a perfect fit.

The Tender Stowage Experts at YRM will help you choose the right type of chock for your tender or PWC and yacht, both for your budget and for your style of yachting so that you do not need to worry about safely stowing your tender or PWC.


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