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Do you remember the last time something broke on your boat? Could you have done something to prevent it, saving you money? Owning a boat is a big responsibility. There are a large variety of items combined, and each part needs to work together. Preventive maintenance is extremely important otherwise something may stop working and you could end up wasting money.

Items that are not used often have a higher tendency to break which makes it imperative to give these items care and attention. Some examples of preventive maintenance are:

  • Start and run engines and generators on a regular basis when docked for a long period of time.
  • Operate the bow and stern thrusters regularly.
  • Run pumps that only turn on in emergencies, such as bilge pumps.
  • Check the heads and plumbing for proper operation.
  • Open hatches that are not used often; hinges can seize so it is recommended to apply a little lubricant on the hinges.

Remember to always check that your equipment is working correctly to prevent a disaster in an emergency. It will also help to prevent damage and item failures. Your boat needs TLC each month; if you are not available to do it yourself or would feel more comfortable with an experienced technician, call us to give your vessel the much needed attention that it deserves. Regular service plans are available at a reasonable price.


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